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As a company employee, we must deeply understand and identify with the company's corporate culture and values, at any time, we must put the interests of the enterprise in the first place, in addition to higher moral and intellectual state to accept and meet the arduous challenges of this job!
1. enterprise tenet
Building harmonious organization, condensing benefits, manufacturing high quality products to meet customer expectations.
2. business philosophy
Customers are the foundation of enterprises, management is the source of efficiency, and quality is the cornerstone of existence.
3. corporate culture
The combination of humanization and system, knowing the gap and constantly improving itself;
Qualified employees: whether to abide by the rules and regulations, to be polite and harmonious, to work hard for efficiency and efficiency.
Qualified managers: keep the responsibility in mind and keep the staff in mind.
4. enterprise talent policy
We should regard talents as the basis and integrity as our moral principles.
5. employee style
Be honest and honest, don't deceive others, be diligent and active, don't be lazy and free, react quickly and don't delay.
Difficulties and setbacks are always temporary. As long as we work hard, there are always more problems than problems.
6. the values of employees and enterprises
Joint development of employees and enterprises
(1) presenting its value with lean work quality and efficient work results.
(2) enterprises are the platform for the survival and development of owners and employees.
(3) an enterprise is a large family with the common interests of owners and employees, shared interests and risks.
(4) The enterprise is a school, while employees make contributions to the enterprise to obtain returns, their own quality will be improved, and constantly forge ahead, their own value will continue to create new heights.

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